See what's new with the Orange Team!

The Orange Team works remotely but is easily one of the most connected of teams! Together, we engage in learning opportunities, meet-ups, trainings, university visits and so much more in order to stay well-informed and READY for our students! 

Well, for starters, we have new people in our team. Yay!

Also, some of us met for the first time in-person! We bonded over food, fun, laughter and lots of knowledge exchange.  :)
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We keep missing our pre-covid Delhi office, every now and then...But no matter where we are, we continue to follow the above mission.

We organized a little Meet-and-Greet with our students and parents in Delhi!
There were introductions, cakes, and so many stories to share by our alumni and current CAAS students.

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UC at Ecole Globale School, Dehradun. 

Thank you Ms Toral Sharan for always including us. 

Career Carnival spearheaded by UC at St. Kabir Indian International School, Vadodara saw an attendance of over 25 universities. 

We thank Ms Ritika Tandon and Ms Anjali Mahajan for this opportunity to showcase. 

At Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, we spoke about profile building, future careers and more. 

Met with the University of Sydney team and other counselors of Delhi NCR

Our Founder at the Delhi Public School, Kanpur

Another successful in-person interaction with students and educators at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow

UC with Grade 11 and 12 students at the Chintels Schools Kalyanpur, Kanpur

Jazbaat Foundation organised a career counselling session  "Navigating Higher Education and Career Choices- Finding the Right Path" with UC

Glad to be part of the School Counsellors' Appreciation Soirée in Delhi organized by Canadian universities. Thank you Neharika and team Sannam S4! 

UC at Mount Abu School, Rohini 

Asian School, Dehradun

Kalka Public School, New Delhi



We are super elated to see what our students have managed to achieve this year! We are even more proud of everything that they do and excited for everything that they will do going forward. 

Every year, we work with students who are diligent, curious, committed, and, above all, true to themselves. As they find their voice in every application and share their stories with the world, we can't help but be thankful every day for the opportunity to work with such dynamic young people. 

Here's a quick snapshot of some of our results so far for the Class of 2027. Congratulations to the UC team of counselors, partners, and peer mentors, our phenomenal students, and their families for steering through this nail-biting waiting game with love and faith! 

Counselor Success Program - Level 1

The Counselor Success Program is a personal and professional growth training conducted in person for the UC Team.

In order to make the experience more immersive and insightful, every year we ensure that our counselors get a first-hand understanding of universities and their offerings. These counselors meet hundreds of students and families and are in a position to create an impact on any university’s admission numbers. 

Here's what our counselors have to say about the program:

"The Counselors Success Program was full of exciting opportunities and growth. From interactive sessions with the representatives of the leading college and universities to aligning our vision towards work, to training for better mentorship and working towards productivity and growth, this week-long program enabled each one of us to grow, both personally and professionally. It will be unfair to mention the breathtaking Van Gogh 360 Art Exhibition which was a sight to behold! The Program helped us understand each other better and evolve as a team and beyond." 

-Kudrat Cheema Chahal, Research Counselor

"I am excited and grateful for the transforming journey I started with University Connection's Counsellor Success Programme (CSP) as I think back on the amazing events of the last month.

A diversified group of enthusiastic people who were eager to start on an extraordinary educational odyssey came together in April, The Orange Team. Little did we know that University Connection had prepared a series of extraordinary events that would exceed our expectations.

The scent of freshly brewed tea filled the room each morning as we met for informative sessions, creating the ideal atmosphere for stimulating debates and insightful learning. In typical UC style, the Chai breaks provided chances for conversation and camaraderie while enjoying wholesome refreshments. Immersed in the world of admissions, we ventured to institutions where we witnessed first-hand the intricate processes and met the admission committees responsible for shaping educational futures. These experiences brought depth and authenticity to our understanding.

University Connection has curated an experience that not only equips us with knowledge but also nurtures our passion and cultivates lasting connections. With Level One behind us, I eagerly anticipate the adventures awaiting in Level Two. To my fellow CSP participants, thank you for the laughter, the inspiration, and the shared growth. We have embarked on a journey that will forever shape our lives and the lives of those we touch. "

-Namrata Sharma, Research Counselor