Living and studying in Paris has been an extraordinary experience. The city's rich history, cultural heritage, and artistic vibrancy have offered a unique backdrop for my educational journey. From exploring renowned museums and galleries to indulging in culinary delights, Paris has provided me with endless opportunities for personal growth and exploration.

Overall, my time at ESSEC Business School and in Paris has been an incredible chapter in my life.


Studying Masters in Management at ESSEC Business School, France

Throughout my journey as a student at the ESSEC Business School in Paris, studying the Master in Management (MIM) program, I have been fortunate to experience a transformative and enriching academic and personal growth.

ESSEC Business School has exceeded my expectations in every way. The school's commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and nurturing well-rounded individuals has provided me with a solid foundation for success. The MIM program's curriculum is well-designed, offering a comprehensive blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The faculty, comprised of distinguished professors and industry experts, has consistently inspired and challenged me to push the boundaries of my intellectual capabilities.


Studying BBA at Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada

Studying abroad in Canada has been a transformative experience for me. It has not only expanded my academic horizons but has also allowed me to grow personally and culturally. Interacting with international students and faculty members has broadened my worldview and fostered a sense of empathy and appreciation for diversity. Additionally, the challenges of adapting to a new environment have honed my resilience and problem-solving skills. 

Overall, moving to Canada has been an invaluable journey that has enriched my education and shaped me into a more confident, open-minded individual ready to tackle the complexities of an interconnected world.


Studying Masters in International Relations at the University of Manchester

I left for Manchester with the intent to make myself into a better person, professionally and personally and I found a home that resonates with my goal, my people, and my community. Moving to Manchester was the boldest thing I could do almost a year ago, and it has changed me as a person. Right from taking the bus from Salford, attending the 9 am seminars to rendezvousing through the Piccadilly Street, City Centre, and Gay Village with my friends, it was all a path to growth. There were times when I missed family but the people I met here made it easier. I spent most of my time working on essays at the university library, attending seminars by brilliant professors and finally, cooking dinner for myself (I never knew I could cook so well). This place has taught me how to grow in my own company and socialise better. And let me talk about the food, the British breakfast became my most preferred dish in no time. This city that roars football, it is painted in red and blue when Man. City plays Man. United. It is a whole world in itself and rightly so. I am just grateful that I have grown to be a part of this place as this place becomes an indefinite part of me.

Marist College with its liberal arts focus and diverse peer group embodied the curriculum I was seeking. Marist offers me the balance between personal involvement from faculty and the independence that allows me to grow.


Studying Psychology at Marist College, USA

I have shared some of my most reflective moments by the train tracks outside my dorm overlooking the Hudson River; Marist allows me to find calm in the chaos.

I was delighted to receive admission offers from highly selective universities like The University of British Columbia, University of Toronto ( awarded the International Scholar Award for $100,000 CAD), University of Leeds, Marist College (awarded $125,000), and the Berklee College of Music for Professional Vocal Music. Further discussion with the respective international admissions representative helped me finalise Marist and little did I know, it would be a place I now call ‘home.’ 

The last three semesters, pursuing a liberal arts curriculum within a small community and campus setting at Marist College has been transformative. I have managed to accomplish some key academic goals and gather milestone experiences. I’ve been on the board of clubs, presented at the National Model United Nations Conference, written for the Marist Circle, showcased as a researcher at Marist’s Celebration of Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activity (CURSCA); I am a Resident Assistant and have been invited to the National Society of Leadership and Success, and even contributed as a campus ambassador and tour guide.

Additionally, as an environmentally conscious individual and animal rights advocate, Marist’s constant efforts in composting food-waste, protecting the Hudson River Valley, and fundraisers for St. Jude every year, keeps me going!

Being a student at Purdue also means being part of the Boilermaker spirit. Whether it's cheering on our sports teams at football games in Ross-Ade Stadium or participating in the various traditions and celebrations, the sense of pride and camaraderie is truly infectious.


Studying Psychology at Purdue University, USA

As a student at Purdue University, my journey has been nothing short of exhilarating. From the moment I set foot on campus, I was embraced by a vibrant and diverse community that instantly made me feel at home. Purdue's renowned reputation for academic excellence and its commitment to fostering innovation and critical thinking was evident in every class I attended.

One of the things that students love about Purdue is its strong emphasis on hands-on learning. Whether it's through cutting-edge research projects, internships with industry leaders, or involvement in various student organizations, Purdue offers numerous opportunities to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings. This experiential learning approach not only enhances our skills but also prepares us for the competitive job market.

Another aspect that sets Purdue apart is its top-notch faculty. Professors at Purdue are not only experts in their fields but also approachable and dedicated mentors who genuinely care about their students' success. They provide guidance, encouragement, and personalized attention, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Moreover, Purdue's campus is teeming with energy and excitement. There is a wide range of clubs, cultural organizations, and sports teams catering to diverse interests, enabling students to explore their passions and forge lifelong friendships. The university also hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year, creating a vibrant social atmosphere that is both engaging and inclusive.

One notable feature that students love about Purdue University is its frozen tuition program. This initiative ensures that tuition fees remain constant throughout the four years of undergraduate study, providing transparency and affordability. 

In conclusion, my ongoing journey as a student at Purdue University continues to shape me in profound ways. The immersive academic environment, bolstered by supportive faculty and a diverse community, has fostered my intellectual curiosity and fueled my desire to excel. With each passing semester, Purdue pushes me to explore new frontiers of knowledge and develop essential skills that will empower me in my future endeavors. As I look ahead, I am grateful for the opportunities Purdue has provided me and confident that the education and experiences gained here will propel me towards making a meaningful and positive impact on the world.

Smiti Patni

Studying Creative Business Leadership at Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

2020 was a year of uncertainties however, my time at SCAD has been a good escape from the same. Whether attending classes virtually or in person, SCAD tried to make it a rather smooth experience. Apart from the classes, I was able to attend many virtual events organized by the school with industry experts, and that was the cherry on top, keeping me busy and productive during an otherwise trying year.

I am also a finalist for the “SCAD Serve Scholarship” for Current students. The decision for this scholarship will be communicated to me sometime in June.

Frizia Rounak

Studying International Relations at Geneva School of Diplomacy

2020 and 2021 have been the most hopeful and yet the most difficult years of my life. There were many things I missed out on such as my high school graduation ceremony and more, and at the same time gained so much more - started my Bachelor’s degree at the Geneva School of Diplomacy (GSD) in Switzerland, made new friends, and more. GSD so far has been a great university for me with its international environment, its praxis-oriented approach to learning, its small and friendly environment, and of course its fantastic location in Switzerland - surrounded by hundreds of international organizations which constantly offer great internship opportunities to students. Moreover, we also have these sessions called “Emerging Issues and Persisting Challenges” where state ambassadors,  and international organisation leaders come and lecture us on current relevant and interesting topics. This also gives us a chance to widen our network in the international community. Overall, GSD is a great university, Geneva has great weather throughout the year, and the friends we make are friends for life.

What I benefited most from were the societies and the internships that I was able to undertake. The free time I got from subtracting all the travel and socialising one experiences in a campus setting allowed me to take up different projects in my first semester. As I reach the end of this essay, all I wish to say is that I am grateful, especially to be able to write this essay conveniently on my laptop in an air-conditioned room with stable internet. Would I change it if I had the option, have live classes instead? Yes, definitely. But, I know that altogether, online college has only benefitted me to grow and learn more about myself and my academic trajectory."

Noor Sharma

Studying a double major in Economics and Psychology at Ashoka University, Sonipat

Zoom University, 2021. It has been a bittersweet journey for me. As much as I disliked the online setting, and complained about it, it was quite an eye-opener. What was sweet for me was poison for the many students who were forced to stay in the confines of toxic households. When I used the extra time I got to be productive, this time metamorphosed into degrading mental health for some others. Surely generalisations can be reductive and I would not want to make claims on behalf of my classmates, but all I wish to do is bring in some perspective. I am from Delhi, as are most Ashokans, and so I had the opportunity to meet my friends a number of times between the two lockdowns. But, making friends, networking, and connecting online was taxing, the unread emails and group chats really do take a toll on you when you're transitioning from your school circle to one that is spread across the country. 

About the classes, my professors and teaching assistants made it as accommodating as possible. I enjoyed the diversity in my subjects and the academic readings until it got too much sometimes. Mid-sem exams and finals were extremely draining, though. It was my first attempt at writing academic papers, the tasks seemed intimidating but the teaching staff with their welcoming office hour zoom links eased the tensions with a few edits here and there.

Rohil shared with us how moving from Manchester to London was a step up, but a step that was truly required to give himself better opportunities to network in the corporate world. After completing his Master's in Economics and Strategy for Business from Imperial College London, he now works in Risk and Regulation Consulting.

Rohil Banhot 

UC CAAS 2017 Student

Moving to a new country, with a different culture and education system seemed like a scary decision 3 years ago, however in hindsight I am so glad I went through with it. The past 3 years have been the most challenging and yet most rewarding years of my life. 

I chose University of Manchester over higher ranked universities in my course, as I didn’t want rankings to be my only criteria. With support from everyone at University Connection, I decided to pick Manchester as it ticked all my boxes. 

Since it is a city university, there was always something happening around campus and was a great way to mingle and make new friends. From having pancake nights every Tuesday to revising econometrics late night in the library, these experiences played a major role in making my life at university so rewarding.

Currently I am on a gap year, I plan to join Imperial Business School in September for my Master’s in Economics and Strategy. I am looking forward start this new chapter and returning to the U.K.

Siyona eventually went to SDA Bocconi to study Fashion Management. She is now a Senior Marketing Executive at Reliance Brands Limited.

Siyona Baweja

UC CAAS 2020 student from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University

As an Economics major with a deep interest in global affairs and diplomacy, I was all set to pack my bags and fly to Geneva, the very heart of the diplomatic world to pursue my master's in International Relations. The next thing I knew COVID-19 waved its ugly face and I decided to defer my studies, in order to squeeze everything I could from the experience of studying abroad when things got better. One thing led to another, I was offered a  business analyst role at a boutique consulting firm and six months later I decided to completely join hands with my mother to support a clothing brand that I had helped her build in the last 3 years. Diving deeper and deeper into work and with COVID-19 showing no signs of disappearing, my plans to study abroad took a backseat and so did my decision to study IR. Even though the virus disrupted my future plans as it did for most of us, I believe it was a good decision after all to explore different career paths and have a clearer vision before jumping into pursuing a master's degree. My interests in the fashion industry are backed by months of work experience and I am currently in the process of planning for my master's in a related course.

Umang Sodhi

Studying International Relations at Leiden University, Netherlands

My first year at Leiden University was an amazing first year. The location of the university in The Hague made it easier for me to indulge myself in politics and international relations as there were so many embassy visits in addition to visits to organizations such as INTERPOL, the Peace Palace, and the Dutch Foreign Ministry (which is the building next to my university's building). 

Meeting people from all across the world has given me the benefit of not just understanding diversity, but also it has broadened my knowledge. With so many people from such different countries, the quality of discussions and social life has become very enriched. 

Although it was hard at first, I eventually came to love the idea of being independent, and as a result of that I believe I have formed friendships for life at Leiden University!

Sahaj Goyal

Studying Engineering at the Purdue University, Indiana, USA

Talking about Purdue is something that even leaves someone as loquacious as me usually speechless. I still remember stepping down from the bus and arriving at the University for the first time. Never had I seen a place filled with more life, passion and opportunities. How warmly I was being treated by the older students who were helping us in settling down; how we were segregated into several diverse groups to ensure that we understand the culture of Purdue; how tirelessly we walked around the never-ending campus attending various events designed to ease us in and understand culture shock that we may experience; how we even had to learn a choreographed dance within a week for the last event! It actually cannot get more Indian than that! 

Just anyone who happens to visit Purdue will be left mesmerised by how many opportunities one has, and how something or the other is always happening. One day you could be looking at joining a dance club, on another day you might be interested in joining the Greek life, another and you might fancy a trip to Purdue airport and join the flying club! 

Purdue is not just a university for me, it is an experience that inspires you to live to the fullest every day.

Resham Khanna

Studying at the College of Letters and Sciences,
University of California - Berkeley, USA

Attending Berkeley allows me to get the best of both worlds - the opportunities offered by the Bay Area and the lovely city of San Francisco are just a short BART ride away, yet at the same time I am able to experience what it is like to live in a college town. 

I’ve learned a lot more about Psychology and Neuroscience  and immersed myself in learning about emerging technologies like Blockchain. I have been able to attend relevant events and conferences for the same since SF is the hub for all things tech. Over breaks, I am lucky to have friends whom I can travel with and explore other cities, the latest adventure being taking a road trip all the way up to Banff National Park in Canada.  

The past three years have been extremely enriching - I have traveled to new places, made friends from across the planet, and learned so many new things! I learned how to cook, clean, shop for groceries, set up a tent, go canoeing, manage my time - and I’ve made ever -lasting memories doing all of this!

Kavya Nagpal 

Studying Fashion Designing at the Leeds Arts University, UK

Leeds Arts University offered me everything I wanted from my Fashion course. The learning environment is very friendly and comfortable. The university provided the essential resources and there was a vast variety of club activities to participate in for recreation. I got to learn so many new skills and even later, in the lockdown, the online classes were a great support and helped me complete my first year successfully. Overall it was a great experience and I am very happy with my university choice.

Charushilla meets Vansh Bhatnagar at FIT, New York... a campus tour by your student, priceless!

"Thank you for taking out the time to see me today Ma’am. It was absolutely delightful and in some aspects a little reassuring in terms of my life choices that we briefly spoke about. I wish you success with your expansion plans and hope to meet you again on either side of the pond." - Vansh 

Vansh is currently in New York

"It was really heartening to meet with you Vansh. Thank you so much for being so genuine & sharing candidly. All about FIT will stay so vivid in my mind coz you shared it. I have no doubt that one day that artist of the day or that special someone who comes to the graduation will be you. All the best to you for all your endeavours going forward. 

P.S. Always feel free to reach out ... over Ramen of course ;)"

- Charushilla 

UC Success Meet 2019 

UC SuccessMeet has been an annual event of celebration at University Connection. The UC SuccessMeet 2019 was a precursor to university life for students and an event that celebrated the hard work and dedication of our scholars. The idea was not only to understand the journey forward but also to interact with the UC Alumni and get a first-hand understanding of what it takes to deepen your roots in a new city. Here are some glimpses...

Our UC Alumni gearing up for the panel discussion around ‘Life at University’ , thus delving deeper into the experiences of being away from  home.

Listen to the Panel discussion on the UC YouTube  channel. 

Parents talking about “When my daughters left for university: the heartache, the challenges and the rewards ” 

Radha Arora Ma'am continues to be a proud UC parent!

Pranshu and Umang sharing about getting into their dream college and the significance of scholarships. 

Cake cutting, refreshments, networking and more... students just revel in their achievements and share with each other!