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We believe in miracles...

Charushilla is a high-impact education professional with an experience of working on top college applications for school and college students for more than a decade now.

She is not only the Founder Director and Key Mentor of University Connection, over the years, she’s been applauded for her edu-preneurship and her ability to be able to steer young adults.

As a leading college planning firm, University Connection has mentored thousands of students to make it to top universities such as NYU, Columbia, UCLA, Parsons, Durham, King's College London, UC Berkeley, USC, LSE and many more. Students have also received millions of dollars in scholarships and UC has recently been awarded for excellence in counseling at the EdTech Awards 2020.

Charushilla believes that young minds carry the power to change the world and she personally trains her team of counselors to ensure that college admissions are but a by-product of the life they mentor. Her mission is to empower lives - one student at a time.

"It's so overwhelming to see all these kids achieving what they had always dreamt of! I remember talking to their parents and booking the first level counseling to enroll them for our CAAS program. Some were confused and some just needed a mentor to believe in their dreams. I'm so proud to see that everyone has excelled in their first chapter of life.

A big thank you to parents and students for trusting UC and believing in us that applying to colleges is not just getting into a college but it's a journey that we all can remember and cherish!!

All the best to everyone. May you remain as quirky, witty, fun loving as possible."

  • Says Ashna Sahni - our lead Student Admission Manager steering the team to give its best always.

Meet the team!

The team at University Connection, fondly known as the Orange Team, works in unison to draw out the best from students; they do everything to make their college and life dreams matter. The Student Success Mentors at UC play a key role in deciphering, guiding and facilitating student careers.

"For me, College planning is simply looking at the world through the student's eyes. Only then do we get a perspective of what they want and how they want their life to be. While achieving the key milestones like curating a list of college, writing essays, planning of finances, connecting with people, and application submission is of utmost importance, it is equally essential to reflect on why going to college is an important step to education at all? To see the world, experience different styles of education, take in a new culture, and experience a new way of life, is how I look at it. You may have a lot to learn, but you can do it!"

  • Says Ragini Dangwal - our Research Counselor and high impact counselor at UC.

The Orange Team also has a secret club of Connects who help add value to every application. We are grateful to all of our secret club members who choose to stay anonymous and yet help us make an impact. Much love <3

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You too can be a part of our Orange Team. Feel free to say hi and write to us why would you like to be a part of University Connection at connect2mentor@gmail.com